Who We Are

The Brenna Group certificate ISO 9001 : 2015 and homologate Standard NORSOK, with over 50 years of experience, three production sites and an international clientele, is one of the ITALIAN leaders in hot pressing of steel, stainless steel, special steel, duplex, super duplex, titanium, brass, aluminium and copper.

- 35 lines of hot pressing
- We forge articles from 20 gms to 30 kgs
- 150 employees
- 15.700 sq meters indoor


The principles of the company are interpreted in the will to gather all the experience accumulated in over 50 years of story and to apply them to the new requirements of the clientele, forging products with a high and constant standard of quality, capable of satisfying the necessities of an international market which is constantly more competitive.

Production Ability

Our production ability it is very flexible and able to be adapted to different product. For this reason we can deal with customer of different sector.


Chairman: Alberto Brenna
Managing Director: Alberto Brenna
Operative Director: Alberto Brenna
Chief Financial Officer: Marco Rocca
Commercial Director: Marco Rocca

The History


It began in 1951 on an artisan scale thanks to the intuition and technical knowledge of its founder Ambrogio Brenna, making forged products in BRASS, ALUMINIUM AND COPPER. Later, availing himself of the collaboration of his daughter Angela and son Alberto Brenna and the grandson Marco Rocca, they began a journey of dimensional growth and development in the range of forged products in STEEL, BRASS, ALUMINIUM AND COPPER.

Ambrogio Brenna, Group Founder

In 1985 the acquisition of a new production unit: the ITALFORGE, the BRENNA group with three production units and 35 forging lines, thus marking the final transition from an artisan dimension to that of an industrial one.

Bosisio Parini plant

STAMPERIA BRENNA, production unit in Bosisio Parini (Lc), 8 hot pressing lines of brass, aluminium and copper.
2500 sq meters indoor plant.

Cesana Brianza plant

STAMPERIA BRENNA, production unit in Cesana Brianza (Lc) 13 hot pressing lines of steel, stainless steel.
5200 sq meters indoor plant.

Sirone plant

ITALFORGE, production unit in Sirone (Lc), 14 hot pressing lines of steel, stainless steel, titanium, special steel, duplex and superduplex.
8000 sq meters indoor plant.

The equipment

The moulds are made by our team.
The ability and experience of our technicians together with modern technology are two deciding factors in realizing equipment which allows us to obtain moulded products of a high and constant quality.

CNC Workstation Hermle

CNC Workstation Yasda

Stamperia Italforge

Stamperia Italforge di Sirone srl

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Stamperia Italforge di Sirone srl
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Stamperia Brenna

Stamperia Brenna & Co. srl

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Stamperia Brenna & Co. srl
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